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How it Works

Unlike competing chemical treatments, the MiteZapper® can be used any time during the drone rearing season for the natural control of varroa mites.

Just "zap" your colony, no need to remove the frame!

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Resembling a heating element, the MiteZapper® is an electronic drone foundation. Industry wide research has proven that varroa mites are up to 12 times more
MiteZapper® in hive box likely to prefer drone cells. In fact up to 20 varroa females may invade a drone brood cell.

The MiteZapper® is installed into the hive box as easily as a regular frame.
After the bees seal the brood, the beekeeper connects the frame to the control box, which is then connected to a 12 volt vehicle battery. A smaller/lighter portable 12 volt 35Ah battery may be used. The electricity produces enough heat to kill both the pupae and the varroa mites, the bees will clean the frame within 72 hours. The MiteZapper® is then ready for the queen to lay eggs again. The zapping process should be done every 18-23 days, approximately 4-5 times during the drone rearing season.
The Mite Zapper® can also be used with a running car
battery, just connect your jumper cables!

The MiteZapper® works by progressively killing the varroa mites trapped inside the sealed drone cells each time that you use it. After the 1st zapping you will kill a significant number of varroa mites. The varroa still alive in the colony will be trapped and killed by the 2nd zapping and so on. The MiteZapper® works immediately to control varroa mites and promote a healthy hive.

Dr. Zachary Huang from Michigan State University conducted a field study using 42 colonies in three different apiaries. The results proved the MiteZapper® significantly reduced mite populations compared to both control colonies and drone colonies. Mite levels with the MiteZapper® remained under 30 mites per day, a conservative economic threshold in Michigan, USA.
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The Challenge
Scientists have struggled to assist beekeepers with chemical treatments for infestation problems. The treatments are very expensive and labor intensive, with inconsistent results. If the chemicals are misused, they cause damage to honey bees and leave residues in the bee products.

The Solution
The MiteZapper® is an effective means to treat the varroa mite. Beekeepers around the world are now able to use a simple, economical, and NON-CHEMICAL pest management solution to varroa mite infestation. The MiteZapper® is RoHs Compliant and Lead Free!