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The Advantage

The MiteZapper® is a natural and NON-CHEMICAL varroa mite treatment, developed with the beekeeper in mind. Tested and proven, the MiteZapper® is 85-95% effective for the control of varroa mites while keeping your colony alive!

The MiteZapper®offers tremendous advantages over chemicals:
  • After installation, no need to remove the frame.
  • Kills varroa mites inside the brood cell - at the source where they reproduce!
  • Use with a portable or running car battery.
  • Labor friendly, takes about 8 minutes to treat each colony.
  • Does not contaminate bee products with harmful chemical residues.
  • Use under any temperature conditions during the drone rearing season.
  • Safe to use. No special equipment is needed.
  • Dr. Huang's research through Michigan State University, has proven the MiteZapper® extremely effective in controlling varroa.
  • As chemicals become less useful due to mite resistance, the MiteZapper® will remain effective year after year - through its patented Heat Technology. 
  • The MiteZapper® can be left in the colony year round.
  • Ideal for Organic bee farms requiring natural varroa mite control.

The MiteZapper
is Cost Effective.
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